当纽约时报贡献者Kristin Wong开始自由职业者时,她的第一个客户提供了她的零美元用于编剧演出,她接金宝搏app 可靠吗受了它。她不得不支付她的会费,对吧?

Then a friend who was already a successful freelance writer told her she had to stop accepting low writing rates. Not only for herself, but because she was lowering the bar for writers everywhere.

This caused a shift in Kristin’s mind, and she began to view her writing as a business instead of a hobby. Now she’s a full-time writer, journalist and author — and living proof that you can make money as a freelance writer.

帮助那些想要从自由职业赚钱的人,金宝搏app 可靠吗Kristin and fellow full-time writer Alex Webb created来写我们,一个课程,教授如何闯入写作业务。


If you want to make money from your writing but don’t know where to start, this course is for you. In this post, I’ll explain what I found most valuable about the course and what to expect when you enroll.



自从写作爱好者转变为工作专业人士,Kristin为纽约时报编写,魅力杂志和旅游+休闲。2018年,她发表了她的第一本书,“拿钱”,与Hachette Book Group。


It takes real work to get published by big publications — but there’s a difference between working harder and working smarter. Come Write With Us teaches you how to work smarter.

Here’s an example. When Alex first started writing articles, he was satisfied to get paid $50 per piece… until he did the math and realized he couldn’t make ends meet that way. Working harder would mean writing more articles for $50, and there are only so many hours in the day. Instead, he focused on working smarter, finding clients who will pay higher rates — $300, $500 and even $650 or more — for an article.

In this course, he teaches how to take that smart approach.


来写我们is an online course about the media industry and how to make a freelance writing business work in the real world.

Over nine self-paced modules, you’ll learn how to take your writing from amateur to professional, create a personal brand for your writing, and set rates or negotiate better ones.

The course also includes worksheets, tips and tricks, advice from writers and a Facebook group filled with other students you can share your experience with.


While the course includes a few videos, most of the lessons are written material. Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Schedule time to practice:通过练习提高你的写作。这个模块teaches you how to make time in your schedule for this discipline.
  • 头脑风暴史诗思想: Learn strategies for coming up with fresh topics to write about.
  • Write like a pro:Take your freelance writing to the next level by learning what editors expect from writers.
  • 构建您的投资组合:If you want bylines, you need a platform and personal brand. This module walks you through how to set up an online writing portfolio.
  • Pitch like a pro:Want to see the pitches Kristin and Alex used to pitch the New York Times and National Geographic? They share pitches that worked for them.
  • Find work:When you’re just starting out, finding and landing great gigs can be tough. Learn where to find work, with tips for looking beyond the obvious places.
  • Set your rates:了解如何设置您的价格以及如何谈判更高的费率。
  • Network with other writers:以一种感觉良好的方式伸出行业的建立作家和影响者的实践。
  • Protect yourself and your business:为了帮助您了解您的写作业务的法律方面,该模块涵盖税收,媒体责任保险等。

These modules are packed with content and contain behind-the-scenes examples, writer Q&As, homework assignments and exercises. You’ll need a writer’s notebook and time set aside for completing the assignments.


Bonus material in this writing course


  • Access to the private Facebook community, where Kristin and Alex post job listings and answer questions.
  • 作者的工具包是为了获得sh * tguide, which includes all the resources, tools and strategies they use in their own freelance writing businesses.


Connect to the Internet to read through the modules, or download homework assignments to print and work on later. Other downloads are available as well, including worksheets, schedules and checklists.

The course is hosted on Teachable, a teaching platform for online courses or coaching businesses.

Pros and cons of Come Write With Us


如果你觉得一个完整的冒名顶替者,他们得到它。If you’re totally insecure, that’s OK. And if you lack confidence or skills, no problem. They’re here for it, and ready to guide you through the process of figuring out how to be a professional writer.

This is a text-heavy course — really wordy. However, the writing is comprehensive and not at all pretentious. If you’re interested in the topic of starting a freelance writing business, it will hold your attention.

来写我们covers everything from choosing a niche and launching a website to setting rates and pitching. It holds your hand through the entire process and focuses heavily on the emotional hurdles new freelancers are facing. If dealing with your feelings isn’t your thing, this approach could be a turnoff.


本课程旨在旨在为自由职业者提供全新的人,他们想要写的人,但缺乏在自由写作中工作的人或人员,并希望将业务带到一个新的金宝搏app 可靠吗水平。虽然它教导了运营全日制自由业务所需的技能,但培训可以适应兼职写作业务或侧面喧嚣。


The course costs either a one-time payment of $197 or three monthly payments of $72 for lifetime access.



此帖子包含会员链接。这意味着如果您通过我们的链接购买,您正在支持写入生活 - 我们感谢您的效果!

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  • Robyn Roste 说:

    Good question, Marlou. This course is aimed at nonfiction writers who want to publish articles in newspapers and magazines.

  • Marlou MacIver 说:

    Is this course just aimed for fact based article and not


    I’m confused: Your course is offered as follows in The Write Life and on your site it’s offered at $118.20.

    50% OFF Come Write With Us: In this online course, veteran freelancers Kristin Wong and Alex Webb share how to get started as a freelance writer. Kristin writes for the New York Times and Alex for National Geographic, so these two are the real deal!

    The course typically retails for $197. Enroll now for 50% off, just $98.50, using code TWL50. Our full review of the course has more details about what’s included.

    That and there’s no place for the Promo Code.

    I’ll purchase it at 50% off.


    Thank you.

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